From Department of Banking and Finance, CBS

Assoc. Prof. Sunti Tirapat
Ph.D., Finance
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Anant Chiarawongse
Ph.D., Economics
University of Chicago

Manapol Ekkayokkaya
Ph.D., Economics
University of Durham

Nuttawut Jenwittayaroj
Ph.D., Finance
Nanyang Technological University

Anirut Pisedtasalasai
Ph.D., Finance
University of Exeter

Ruttachai Silacharoen
Ph.D., Finance
The Australian National University

Sira Suchintabandid
Ph.D., DRO (Decision, Risk, and Operations)
Columbia University

Suparatana Tanthanongsakkun
Ph.D., Finance
The Australian National University

Thaisiri Watewai
Ph.D., IEOR (Industrial Engineering and Operations Research)
University of California, Berkeley

From Department of Statistics, CBS

Assistant Prof. Seksan Kiatsupaibul
Ph.D., IOE (Industrial and Operations Engineering)
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

From Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science

Paisan Nakmahachalasint
Ph.D., Physics
University of California, Los Angeles

Songkiat Sumetkijakan
Ph.D., Mathematics
University of Maryland, College Park

Kittapat Wong
Ph.D., Mathematics
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Visiting Professor

Krishna N Paudyal
Professor in Finance
Leeds University Business School

Selected publications

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