FAQ for PhD in Quantitative Finance

  1. Do applicants need work experiences for applying to the program?

    A: We do not expect work experiences from the applicants. However, we expect applicants to be competent in various fields of Mathematics, such as Calculus, Statistics, Probability and Linear Algebra.

    If you would like to know more, please read the following list of recommended books: "Calculus of Several Variables" by Serge Lang, "Probability Model" by Sheldon Ross, and "Linear Algebra" by Gilbert Strang.

  2. If I am studying a Master degree and expecting to graduate after the admission period, can I still apply to the program?

    A: We expect that applicants to finish their degree before the interview date. The graduation date should be no later than May 2012.

  3. If I graduated with a Master degree that do not require Thesis, am I qualified to apply to the program?

    A: Yes, if you have a Master degree, then you are qualified to apply to the program.

  4. Does the program have an arrangement for students to study abroad or have an internship abroad?

    A: No, we do not have those activities for students. Though we do have internationally renowned scholars visiting our program from time to time.

  5. If my test scores will be available after the application deadline, what can I do in this situation?

    A: You can submit the scores after the deadline but before the interview date. The interview date is usually two to three weeks after the application deadline.

  6. If I cannot find at least one academic referee, can I still apply for this program?

    A: You can try submitting us your application. The application will be considered by the committees on a case-by-case basis.

  7. Do I need to present my thesis proposal during the interview?

    A: No, you do not need to present a proposal. The interview involves a general conversation in order to evaluate each applicant’s abilities and performance.

  8. What is the QAT (Quantitative Aptitude Test) format? Are there handbooks or manuals available in bookstores?

    A: QAT intends to evaluate the applicants’ analytical capacities in the following subjects: calculus, linear algebra, probability, statistics, differential equations, logic, and analytical thinking. The fee the QAT is 1,000 Baht.

    Relevant information for the preparation is on the QAT web page.

  9. I am not sure if my field of study (e.g., accounting, finance, MBA) is considered a “related program”. Can I apply to this program?

    A: If you are quick learner and interested in our program, you can send us your application form for the committee’s consideration. They will consider your application.

  10. How many applicants are accepted in this program each academic year? Are there any graduates? What is the educational background of current students?

    A: We expect to accept five students each year. However, we will not accept students simply to make the number. Some years in the past, we accept only one student from many applicants. Currently, there are no graduates yet, because the program opened in 2009. The current students have diverse educational background and work experiences; for example, lecturer, researcher, governmental employees and professionals in private sectors who graduated with economics, MBA, and engineering degrees.

  11. What is the minimum GMAT score required for admission?

    A: GMAT is only part of the consideration for admission, so we don't set an absolute marks for GMAT. A low GMAT score doesn't rule out one's chance of securing a place in the program.

  12. Can I use CU-ATT or CU-Best score instead of GMAT or GRE scores for admission?

    A: No, we accept only GMAT or GRE scores.

  13. Do I need to submit the research proposal to be considered for the admission?

    A: No, it is not required. However, you are encouraged to discuss about the research area in which you are interested during the interview period.

  14. Is there any scholarship for this program?

    A: The program does not offer scholarship to the first year students. Very strong applicants are encouraged to apply for the University-wide merit-based scholarship from Chulalongkorn University. Students in higher year will have an opportunity to receive stipends by working as research/teaching assistant.

  15. When are the classes held?

    A: The classes are held during daytime of the weekdays.